Methods & Healing

Healing by the means of alternative medicine comprises a bunch of methods, which come out from the principles of the chinese and tibetian medicine.


harmonizes energy in inner organs, heals and helps from pain (also from headache, joints pain, back pain).


supports and modifies blood and lymphatic circulation, smoothes the tension in muscles, boosts energy in a human body, improves psychical and physical well-being.


is a method, that helps the body to get back to the dynamic equilibrium state.

Reiki Therapy

removes energetical blockades, strengthens physical body, boosts immunity of the body, relieves the human psyche. Helps in cases of overwork, lack of rest, stress etc.


is an ancient chinese healing method. With the use of pressing fingers at some points (lat. acu - energy), lying on meridians (energetic paths) leading to the particular body organs, the present blockades are relieved and the energy circulation is improved. A blocked energy may result in disorders in organs or particular body parts. The aim of acupressure is establishing of equilibrium of Yin and Yang energy in the human body, which leads to cure of the whole organism and complete healing of some illnesses.


this revolutionary method introduces a modern, very effective and easy way how to get rid of toxins, which are accumulated in the cells through the years of bad way of living and contaminated environment, and how set an equilibrium of our energetical field.
This method benefits to all, even to those who think they're completely healthy and they follow the conventions of healthy nutrition, and it supplements the other methods perfectly. If you feel pain, if you are tired or exhausted, you better start with the method right now.


is one of traditional Chinese methods based on a deep-going effect of heat on acupuncture points, while this heat is being released from a burning moxa (kind of "cigar" made of dried fibres of japanese mugwort herb). With the help of the heat, acupuncture points are being activated and the heat deeply enters the meridians (energetic paths), where it balances and loads energy in the body, so that blocades can be easily removed and the equilibrium in the human body can be restored.
It helps in cases of exhaustion, rheumatism, tendinitis, arthritis and various pains.
It is recommended for treating all chronic (long-term) diseases, back-ache, problems with urinary and reproduction system; it also speeds up blood circulation in the pelvic region and fixes irregular menstrual cycle.
Moxibustion is also very effective for preventive strengtening of the body. It is easily applicable not only for children, even for elder and weakened persons. Moxibustion is a method that serves as a prevention for maintaining health.