Alternative medicine healing

The healer and certified therapist Mrs. Ailee Koudelková leads her therapy practice in a picturesque remote place, which is situated in Bohemian Paradise near Sedmihorky spa, where she cares of her clients' health in a long-term manner.

In her work, the therapist utilizes also an intuitive work with pendulum, which helps to diagnose various energy blockades in a human body, to discover an energetic joint from other persons who badly withdraw stamina and vigour, to detect and to lead away annexed beings from the body, to clean the aura and also to detect and to measure geopathic zones in flats or houses.

Further, Ailee has a periodical co-operation with a healing centre Holistim-Therapiezentrum in Vienna (Austria), where she utilizes all her rich knowledge and experiences.

Together with her husband Dag, they both co-operate since several years already with Hotel Duha in Harrachov (Krkonoše mountains) and Hotel Starý Mlýn in Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Dag Koudelka is concerned with body detoxication procedures using the method of Dr. Mary Staggs from the U.K., the method being performed by means of electrolysis in the BODY DETOX apparatus. Furthermore, Dag performs manual lymphatic drainage, a technique that benefits cellulite removal, relieves swollen feet, speeds up metabolic processes, detoxifies the body, it can reduce the healing time of haemorrhage, fractures, traumatogenic and post-operative moods by orders of magnitude.

Dag Koudelka is concerned with numerological calculus of names and surnames, too.

The clients can visit Ailee and Dag individually in their private medical office, or they can take the opportunity of a healing accommodation service. Clients with interest may rent a 2-bed room available directly in the house.

Book a healing term at:
Cell:+420 603 575 411