Geopathic zones

Geopathic zones (from Greek: geo - earth and pathos - suffering) are radiations, force fields or other energetic and information fields with their potential, among others: underground water springs, tectonic defects and breaks, radioactive raw materials, electro smog, global grids, force fields.

Underground water springs and seams lying close to Earth's surface may cause numerous health problems. There are anomalous physical fields over geologically defective places. This count shifts and breaks of the Earth's crust, called tectonic defects and breaks as well. This radiation from the inner Earth has infelicitous effects on the human health. Not even human activity itself is to be overseen. Radioactive ashes from power plants, slag, deads from mining of radioactive raw materials etc. are moved through the regulation of river-basins together with radioactive ores to places where radioactivity has been in common limits so far, thus a harmful environment is created.
Even TV-sets, radios, computers, microwave ovens, high-voltage conduits, transformers and other electric devices radiate certain fields, the so-called electrosmog, which may cause sleep disturbances, nervousness, a concentration problems. This applies to cable connections in office rooms and flats in many industrial countries.
Further, there are global grids (nets) covering the all Earth's surface, namely Hartmann grid and Curry grid. The Hartmann grid is a system of stripes running from north to south and from east to west. According to physics researches, these stripes are FM frequency-modulation) standing waves of cosmic origin with concentrated ions of sodium radiation from the atmosphere. The Curry grid consists of stripes running from south-east to north-west and south-west to north-east. These stripes have the nature of horizontally polarized radiation with the wavelength of 11 to 21 cm (up to max. 100 cm).
Sensible persons are also able to perceive force fields, which do not have to be necessarily harmful; anyway they may cause immunity weakening and deterioration of the health state. A long-term "irradiation" may namely ruin even fully healthy individuals.

Geopathic zones are to be found all over the Earth. They always have strong negative influence on the quality of life of both humans and animals. Short-term stays at these zones causes for more sensible individuals various feelings of depression, concentration disturbances, sudden tiredness and other feelings. Long-term stays - in the worst case namely sleeping at such place - may cause rise of various health problems, from trivial ones till very serious ones (neuralgic pains, cancer, etc.).

A very good indicator of geopathic zones is a dog, a human's best friend since ever. It has a perfect sense of hearing, it follows the autonomic nerves and hears not only lower frequencies, it even perceives subliminal irritation perfectly.
Dogs can't sleep where they are irritated by infrasound, which reminds on whirring. Therefore, the best place for placement of a bed is where a dog lies in order to sleep. Exactly the opposite behaviour has a cat. If a cat is at ease, it purrs. It creates a sound through breathing by vibrating a "shutter" in the buccal cavity, and the sound is similar to infrasound and it makes the whole body "vibrating". Thus cats seek for places that remind on these sounds, including infrasound pathogenic zones. For this reason, one should forget about arranging there a place to rest or work, or even a placing the bed at the cat's favourite place.

Those parts of rooms with geopathic zones are preferentially to be equipped with positive (flowers, pictures, candles etc.) or neutral (wardrobes, chests of drawers) objects. If flowers are placed there, it should be checked how well they are working, since not all species are familiar with geopathic zones.

To shield the geopathic radiation, or at least to minimize its effects and to cherish our health, we can utilize the power and might of gemstones and crystals. Gemstones are known for their cathartic and healing effects, thus they shield us not only when staying at geopathic zones.

v The geopathic zones are also detectable using the pendulum.

a dog - man's best friend